Plastic Plastic – Girls Don’t Cry [Official MV]

Plastic Plastic – Girls Don’t Cry [Official MV]

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Plastic Plastic - Girls Don't Cry

Plastic Plastic – Girls Don’t Cry [Official MV]

Artist: Plastic Plastic

Lyrics: Plastic Plastic
Melody: Plastic Plastic
Arranged: Plastic Plastic
Additional vocal: Sirada Laima
Produced by Plastic Plastic

Mixed and Mastered by Monthon Dilokchavanis at Frenzyheart Studio

Label: What The Duck (วอท เดอะ ดัก)


Hope my dreams and my own desires
be shining like the brightest stars
Dream about it for almost a year
But it’s too far and so I fear

Giving up or moving up
Oh I just can’t make up my mind
please tell me why

Tears fall from my eyes
like water from the sky
I can be strong when I cry
What I’ve got to try
is to hide different emotion
Just keep my chin up in all situation
cause someone says girls don’t cry

Even when the end of the story
not wonderful as it should be
But sometimes it seems the first step to
rediscovering happiness

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